"Philthy Rich" Ft. "Rayven Justice"
I Know I Live The Fast Life & Got You Stressed Out,
I'm Nothing Like Your Ex N*gga, Leave Your Ex 

OutTwitter: @philthyrichFOD
Twitter: @RayvenJustice

Man, this is damn near gonna be my favorite song, till I get a new one. This beat slaps. It's got that old skool 80's-90's feel. It's hella sweet. I love when a dude can admit he's wrong, that he needs you, that he loves you, and you got him trip'n. That's enough to catch me slip'n even after he's been dip'n. (Naw) But, "Insecure" made me think about it. I'm love'n "Raven Justice", and you already know I'm a "Philthy Rich" snitch. I TELL EVERYTHING HE'S DOING. (lol)

maxceen Boa
8/5/2011 03:56:33 pm

well fuck me you did it again love you please hurry and come out wit more music cant wait did i tell you i love you.


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