(7 Tracks) From "Oakland" Rapper "Philthy Rich's
New Album "Funk Season:3"

"Funk A N*gga F*ck A B*tch
"Slide" ft Beeda Weeda & Ronald Mack
"3rd World To Sem City" ft LR, Lil Goofy & Lil Blood 
"4 Give Me Father" Ft Ronald & H.D. 
"Me & My Buddy" Ft Lil Rue 
"F*ck Fame
 "Turn It Up" H.D.
Twitter: @philthyrichFOD

Funk Season 3″ will soon be released and hosted by "Oakland's" own "Philthy Rich". "Funk Season:3" is an half solo/half compilation album will be released under "Thizz Nation" on July 19th. "Funk Season:3" will feature 17 songs with verses by "Philthy Rich", "Stevie Joe", "J Stalin", "Lil Rue", "Lil Blood", "HD", "Willie Joe", "Hoodstarz", "Messy Marv" & more.

01. Funk Season 3 Intro (skit)
02. Ready 2 Ride - Philthy Rich, D-Lo, Dolla Bill & Stevie Joe
03. Broke My Heart - Hawk Man, Jimathez, Philthy Rich & J Stalin
04. Fuck A Nigga Fuck A Bitch - Ronald Mack & Ant Mack
05. We Having Money - Shad Gee
06. Me & My Buddy - Lil Rue
07. Acorn 2 Sem City - Philthy Rich & J Dubb
08. Slide - Beeda Weeda & Ronald Mack
09. Bang’N - Philthy Rich, Lil Blood & Stevie Joe
10. Dope Dick - Willie Joe & Philthy Rich
11. Banana Boat - Ya Boy & J Stalin
12. Beast Mode - Stevie Joe, Husalah & Philthy Rich
13. Turn It Up - HD
14. Fuck Fame - Nipsey Hussle & Philthy Rich
15. Bring It Back To Eddy - Home Wrecka & Messy Marv
16. Money Cars Clothes & Hoes – Hawk Man, Philthy Rich & Stevie Joe
17. Late Night - A1, Philthy Rich & Hoodstarz
18. 3rd World 2 Sem City - LR, Lil Goofy & Lil Blood

Philthy Rich - 
"Funk A N*gga F*ck A B*tch"

Philthy Rich ft Beeda Weeda & Ronald Mack 

Philthy Rich "3rd World To Sem City
ft LR, Lil Goofy & Lil Blood 

Philthy Rich Ft ronald & H.D.
 "4 Give Me Father

Philthy Rich Ft. Lil Rue
 "Me &My Buddy

Philthy Rich 
"F*ck Fame

"Turn It Up

7/22/2011 07:28:30 am

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