With a 5th of Hennessey and a Elogante blunt, I'm doing Bay-Stunts, on big hunks with 9 1/2 inch tree trunks. I'm 1-2-3 times a lady, but when it comes to Hennessey I'm known for gett'n shady! (when it comes to Henny in da glass, I got gas)

Ciara and her phony pony, pose'n with Kim K, chick of da day.

Ciara and Fa BOOOO lous and Kim Kardashian gett'n perk'n. 

LaLa mello without Carmello? 

If Fab's there, Adrienne's there. Her and Kim been hanging tougher since Adriene and her brother broke up. Guess Kim likes Fabolous swag, betta than her brotha's.

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