Allegedly naked pics of Rihanna have been leaked. I can't see her face, so unless you've been naked with her, you can't prove if this is her. They're cell phone pics, so unless Sprint's Million Men leaked it, or Rihanna or Chris tweaked it.

This pic is the s#it. She should make it an album cover. 

See, that's why you should neva take pics of yourself, even if your married to the boy from your 7th grade class, they'll always end up bite'n you in your NAKED @SS! 

Crack kills, bug I guess not this kind?

Is Rihanna's boody this big?

Chris Brown high off Rihanna's panties, licking em like candy.

She look like she was gett'n her red eye on, and just was in the mood to be in da mood.

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