April 6th, Kanye released his new, 2 year limited, line of Nike Air "Yeezys". Sources say he's trying to talk Nike into letting him design an clothing line as well, but so far, they aint said yes.

Now, I'm Jus Say'n, I'm from the bay where if "yeezy" was a word, we made it up, and we wouldn't name a pair of $200 shoes "yeezys". Fo Sheezy!

Now, they not the cutest shoes on da block, but at the same time he put some extra-extra read all about it's on em. Wrapped in premium full grain leather uppers, with a debossed ankle collar pod, brings maximum support. X-tra thick sock liners, forefoot support straps provide extreme comfort, and hey kids, your sole lights up in the dark. YEAH! This shoe is off da heezy fo sheezy.

Not Fo Reezy!

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