Diddy owes $7,373 in taxes on his restuarant Justin’s in Atlanta. The IRS did what they do when you don't pay your bills fool, they put a lien on "Diddy’s" business May 18th.

"Diddy" is not trying to accept that it's his fault and try'n to blame it on the IRS, he would want him to give it a rest. 

"Puffy's" restaurant named after his son called "Justin’s Restaurant" owes $7,373 in federal taxes, which opened up in 1998 and serves Southern and Caribbean food. His other restaurant in New York closed several years ago.

Combs’ spokesman blamed the tax debt on a series of errors. First, the IRS was sending notices to the restaurant’s old corporate address in New York — one which hasn’t been used in about 10 years.

“The new address was on file with the IRS, so it is surprising this happened,” the spokesman said.

Second, the company that handles payroll tax payments for Justin’s apparently underpaid the IRS for taxes in 2007.

After being notified about the lien by The Tax Watchdog, Combs’ representatives scratched out a $7,373 check, which should arrive today, the Combs spokesman said.

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