"Queen Latifah" drops her new album "Persona" today. "Cool" & "Dre" are the executive producers and if they can make it happen for Lil Wayne, Ja RuleNas, 50 Cent & The Game, then for her they could do the same.

"People" this is the only song I like so far. "Hard To Love Ya" features Busta Rhymes, Shawn Stockckman & Dre.
I kinda like this, only because "Serani" is on it and he gives it that reggae feel to "If He Wanna" but the way she's singing don't match his style.
"People" featuring "Mary J" is damn near the realest song I've heard all year, and it's the best song I've heard off this album. "Queen Latifah" needs to quit singing and stick to rap'n cuz this is the only song that got me clap'n

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