I'm scared to even post this because I don't want to get thrown in the "black hole" or beat up by the "Raider Nation", but here's the situation. If you live from Sac to San Jose, you aint got to be Stevie Wonder not to see the Raiders vs Bronco game

The Oakland Raiders home game against the Denver Broncos will be blacked out locally because the team did not sell out the game in time.

Games need to be sold out 72 hours before kickoff to avoid a blackout in a 75-mile radius. The Raiders got a one-day extension to sell out the opener against San Diego but were unable to avoid the blackout against the Broncos.

The Raiders have had two games blacked out each season since taking over ticket sales from Alameda County before the 2006 season. This marks the first division game blacked out during that time.

So, the closest city to see this game is in Reno, and some Raiders fan's are crazy enough to do it, but the die hard fans, the real fans ALREADY GOT TICKETS!


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