Who Got Over On Who?
"Cocktail' Aint The Only One Who Told Da Biz

  • So while "Cockitail" came on the reunion show put'n "Ray J" on blast to "Mz Berry" about how"Ray J" aint ready to settle down and in the 5 months she aint seen him with a show of hands how many of the losers have seen him, turns out "Mz Berry" had some secrets of her own. Turns out while we was all worried if she'd go back to her ex husband we should of been worried about her ex boyfriend. So it looks like "Mz Berry's" ex boyfriend "Stu" is looking to receive his 15 minutes of shame by being lame and exposing game. "Stu" called into iPower Richmond's TT Torez's radio show and began to spill the biz as he says it is.He told the business between Ray J & Mz Berry and how he had been tap'n dat cut from before, during and after the taping of the show.
  • Stu Says:
    • Mz Berry had a relationship going on during the taping of the show with a man by the name of Stu (a radio personality in Tampa (his twitter: @babyboystu).
    • Stu says he broke up with her because she had too much drama!
    • He admits to being her “sidepiece”.
    • He says they had sex during the 5 months after the taping of the show.
    • Mz Berry told Stu that her and Ray J never had sex.
    • He admits she can cook, the sex is good, and she’s really 32 years old!
    • Stu said he and Mz. Berry are over.
    • He also said that she was a singer in a singing group and she used the show to become a singer.a singer. Shocker.

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