"Ray Lavender"  Features "Yung Joc"
Baby You Know How Much You Want It
Don't Hesitate Just Come Get On It 
Keep It All Real, Don't Be Phony
You Can Ride It, My Pony, My Pony
I'm All Yours Girl, You Got Me In Your World
Swear To God It Makes Me Want To Say
Shorty Got Me, Shorty Got Me, Shorty Got Me
I'm All Hers, I'm All Hers, I'm All Hers, Im All Hers

Love'n this right here, cuz this is how I be. All I got to see is one tall, dark skinned, skinny dude in the club with the pretty smile, dressed good and I'm sprung dumb. I don't even want nobody else to talk to me but him. 

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