10 Tracks"Rick Ross
Mix Tape "Ashes To Ashes

"Intro", "Black Man's Dream", "Ashes To Ashes", 
"Play Your Part", "Even Deeper", 
"Ashes To Ashes", "9 Piece"
"She Crazy", "10 Bricks", "Another One"


"Rick Ross" Ft. "Ludacris"
I'm Black Man Chilling, With My Black Man Stride
See Black Man Cruising, In My Black Back Ride
Make'n White Man Money, Supplying All The Fiends  Guess You Can Say I'm Living A Black Man's Dream
"Black Mans Dream" 

"Rick Ross", "Ne-Yo", & "Aaliyah"
"She Crazy"

"Rick Ross" & "TI"
"9 Piece"

"Bugatti Boyz"
"Another One"

"Rick Ross" & "Birdman"
"10 Bricks"

"Rick Ross" & "Kevin Cossom" 
"Ashes To Ashes"

"Rick Ross" 
"John Doe"

"Rick Ross" & "Barry White" 
"Even Deeper"

Rick Ross ft Wale, Meek Mill & Chester French 
Play Your Part 

"Rick Ross" 

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