Bubble Pop, Is a Flop

Man, "Rihanna" is my girl when it comes to fashion, but she aint my girl when it comes to music and I can see from the 3 songs I've heard off of her new album "Rated R", that statement is still gonna hold true. "Bubble Pop" is a flop produced by "Will I Am" and is just too weird for me. "Rated R" drops Nov 23rd.

Keepin it real
11/2/2009 04:23:24 am

I am sorry if this offends all her fans but she is not a great performer nor a great singer..not even a good singer. It seems like she is trying to cater to the white audience when she should just keep it real. How do you go from Hip Hop with Jay-Z with "Run This Town Tonight" to this. Black music is strong enough to cross any barrier. Hey this is just my opinion so please don't get mad at me


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