My Boy Joe Chavez called me and told me the biz about "Rihanna" and "Justin Timberlake" doing the grown-up when they're awake.

 It's been said that the two were seen having a hot grinding session on Sept. 13 at 1Oak's MTV Video Music Awards bash in NYC, "Rihanna" and "JT" moved to her hotel room, where they had a steamy, private after party! "They tried to keep it a secret, but Jessica found out within days," a source says. Looks like "Justin's" three-year relationship with "Jessica Biel" might stay still.

Honestly, I can't fall for the old banana in the tailpipe. I haven't seen them gett'n caught taking pics or nothing, they're probably about to come out with a new single. But if you look at "Justin's" passed chicks, "Cameron Diaz"  & "Jessica Biel", I'mma just keep it real, don't think that black chicks are his deal.

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