Man, I'm so tired of hearing "Rihanna" talk'n about how she's saving lives because she broke up with "Chris Brown". Come D F*ck ON! Angie even tried to ask her has she taken responsibility for her part and all she could say is that she learned what to look for, now.

She talks about her touch'n boobie obsession and how people think she's gay with her BFF Melissa, her naked pics, rumors of her and Jay Z having an affair.

On a sideline "Rihanna" will be performing on New Years Eve and is getting paid $500,000 to perform at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi — her first-ever performance in the Middle East. The source said, “She was supposed to perform back in May [in Abu Dhabi], but she cancelled after her and Chris got in the beat down.

Rihanna & Angie Martinez Interview Part 1

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