Born "Aaliyah Dana Haughton" she was born in Brooklyn, New York raised in Detroit, Michigan. She was on Star Search at age 12 and was signed to Jive Records and Background Records. She was introduced to "R Kelly" who she would later marry at 16 and then be annulled to, but not before he became the lead song writer on her album "Age Aint Nothing But A number", which sold 2 million copies. She worked with "Timbaland" and "Missy Elliot" on her second album "One In A Million" which sold 2 million copies. And had her acting debut in 2000 in "Romeo Must Die" with "Jet Lee" and "Queen Of The Damned". She then released her 3rd and final album "Aaliyah" in 2001.On August 25, 2001, "Aaliyah" and eight others were killed in an airplane crash in the Bahamas after filming the video for the single "Rock The Boat". The pilot, Luis Morales III, was unlicensed at the time of the accident and had traces of cocaine and alcohol in his system. At that time "Dame Dash" was her dude. In total "Aaliyah" sold over 24 million albums world wide and left a serious void that no other female R&B/hip hop singer has been able to fill since. "Aaliyah" was truly "1 In A Million".

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