An 18 year old dumby, went to get 3 tattoos on her face, and left with 56 stars out that place. Kimberly Vlaminck said this graffiti has ruined her life. She says in her Belgian hometown that a Romanian tattooist misunderstood her French and English (right). She fell asleep and woke up with a nightmare. 

The tattoo artist deneys the claim and says she knew exactly what she wanted and that's what she got. Now, I watched "Tattoo Tone" from Vallejo, tatt a dude and there's no way you're fall'n asleep. #2 they put a stencil on your face and show you your tattoo layout before they even pull the needle out. #3 To do 3 stars probably would take 5-10-15 minutes at the most. #4 You mean to tell me you slept through all 56 star? What happened is she went home and her friends and family got on her neck and her back, so she did what kids do and lied. So, now they're try'n to sue the tattoo artist, so she can get them surgically removed. Well now she can be a rapper or work in a circus.  

6/17/2009 05:19:02 am

I hope she loses the lawsuit, because she knew what was up! ole liar!


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