Ridaman Ridaman Does Whateva A Rida Can 
Bust A Cap In His Sides, 
Represent The Motha*ucken East Side
Look Out, Here Comes The Ridaman

"Ridaman" starts off sounding like like "Slick Rick's" song "Children's Story" then turns into "Spiderman's" theme song, back into "Children's Story". I like "Ridaman" which is off of his "I Wanna Rock" mixtape with "DJ Skee",  "DJ Whoo Kid" and "DJ Scream". "Snoop's" album "Malice In Wonderland" drops Dec 8th.

"Ancient Chinese Secret"

"Gangta's Life" ft "Nipsey Hussle"

"Blasten" ft "Ice Cube"

"Shoot Um Up"

"Upside Down" ft "Nipsey Hussle"

"I Wanna Rock"

"The Cure"

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