Snoop Is What They Say If They Knew Me
Groupie's On My Head Like Kufi
My Nigga Kid Cudi, That's My Little Buddy
Call Some Ho's Up & Get Some Cudi, Cudi
What's Your Life Like, Mine Is Kinda Tight
A Long Way From Hustle, That China White
My People Love Me, The Fans Love Me, 
The GaMall Don't
If You Aint Show'n Love Then What You Call For
I don't Need It In My Life, My Kids Pay The Price Pursuing The Life For Me And My Wife
Smoke Till Home, Dogg On The Phone
I'm World Wide Known, I'm A Boss In This Home
I Get It How I Get It Cuz I Can
I Earned My Spot
You See The Plan, I Was F'n With My Fans
I Turned Out to be The Better Man, You Understand
Importance Of Life You Understand 
While I'm Puff'n On This Grand


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