"Jenifer Hudson" hits the streets of New York with belly support.

Somebody should of told her something. Got her look'n like Sponge Bob Square Belly.

Maybe she's try'n to get her body back for the VH1 Diva's show, but if you're gonna wear a belly burner, make sure you don't wear an outfit that it doesn't show.

germiya clark
9/18/2009 04:49:34 am

haters she dont look bad and if she wanted to lose some of the baby weight then she's gonna do it but thats fine she cant live without her haters so feel free to hate on

9/18/2009 06:43:47 am

Well, I'm a hater and because she needs me, I'm here to the rescue! She looks like crap! There is no way her people should have allowed her to go out in public and not said something! I wish my friends would let me go out like this!

Big & Beautiful
9/18/2009 07:47:11 am

Big Girls unite, but you know she aint look'n right. I'm big. Not because I just had a baby but because I'm lazy. But I love been big and the dudes do too. I'm being honest when I say, because she's in the public eye, she shouldn't of worn that dress with her body shaper, because she do looks a mess. But I love J. Hud.

9/22/2009 03:58:25 pm

Disgusting...looks like she has a tv in the front

9/23/2009 07:25:57 am

no one is offended by your comments, because they dont matter in the first place lol.. I'm sure Jenn could careless what anyone thinks , she's comfortable with herself and that is all that matters..


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