He Needs To Take A Wiff & Quit Smoke'n Dat Piff

What eva piff is "Soulja Boy" needs someone to tell em just say no, bro. How he dropped 3 mix tapes in one day I will never know, but what I've heard I don't like, and ya'll know I try to ride for this lil boy cuz he's just try'n to make it like everyone else, but some one should tell em. He got "Gucci", "Drake", "Sean Garret", DJ Holiday, "DJ Whoo Kid" and others on em to help make em hot. Maybe they'll sell, maybe not.

"I look Good"


"I'm So F'n Gully"


"Throw Money" ft Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett

"Play Ball" ft Drake

"Maximum Lyrical Pwnage"

"Ready OR Not Soulja Come'n"



"Smoke'n Dat Piff"

"2012 Best Rapper"

"Soulja Boy"

"So Cocky With It"

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