"Soulja Boy" Gets Soft
 I Feel Amazing When He's Around U
From The Start To The End 
You Can Be "My Barbie", I Can Be Your Ken

Man, this song just got gayer and gayer as it went on. I couldn't even listen to it without laughing. Ya'll know usually I'll ride for "Soulja Boy" cuz he's a young dude that made his own way, but "damn it Gina"! I'm sure the little girls will like "My Barbie" especially since "Nicki Minaj" hit the scene "Barbie" is all everybody want to be. I don't know it was kinda cute he tried to get his sing on, but I couldn't get passed the chorus of "My Barbie", listen and let me know how it go. (Love da chick in da pic lol)

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