I Know U Want A Relationship,
 But I'm All Bout My Gangsta Sh*t
I Know U Want A Relationship, 
No Can Do, Face It Chick
Face The D, Taste The D
Them Lames's Be Going n Date's & Shit

"Spark Dawg" been on the scene for a while but is finally getting his name off the streets and heard on his own beats. "Spark Dawg" put together a collaberation with some "Texas" one hitter spitters like Paul Wall, Yung Txxs, Tum Tum & Lil Flip on "No Relationship". "Spark Dawg's" mix tape @SparkDawgMusic is hosted by "DJ Scream" & "Dee Jay ILL Will". Drops today December 15th.

"No Relationship" ft 
Gudda Gudda, Paul Wall, Txxs, Tum Tum & Lil Flip

"Dank & Drank" ft "Gudda Gudda" & "Ya Boy"

"Definition Of A Gangsta"

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