Ever since "Pleasure P" left "Pretty Ricky", they've been try'n to do whatever they can do to grab some attention, but this is not it. "SPectacular" In some drawls and a video camera, issues a challenge to "Bow Wow", Omarion and "Trey Songz", that they can't get it "Tipsy" like he can. "Spectacular" says he's not gay, he's just promoting their new single "Tipsy In This Club". He says this video was not made for dudes only females, cuz the ladies at his shows, likes it when he gyrates. I'm irate. I had faith, until I finally made myself watch the flick, "Spectacular" is a trick, for d*ck! This video did nothing for me but made me embarrassed and sad, and hoped he aint someone's dad. Cuz It's bad!

10/23/2012 05:27:31 am

you or cute as hell can you be my boyfirend.


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