"Stacey Dash" Gets A Reality Show, 
& Goes To The Grammy's With "Jamie Foxx"
But Wont Tell "Wedny Williams"
If He's Knock'n Dem Sox

WW:Let’s talk about this Jamie Foxx date. First of all, Stacey, are you guys a couple?
SD: We’re friends, we like each other and you know…we’re friends…

WW: So now Jamie picked you up in a car service?
SD: Yes, he sent a car for me and then I picked him up, but he wasn’t ready.

WW: Oh ok! So then you had to go upstairs…inside?
SD: Yes and his family was there, it was all very, very wholesome. It was like a real first…da[te].

WW: A real first date?
SD: Did I say that??? [laughs]

WW: Yes, you did!!! 

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