Tragically the body of ex Tennessee Titans Quarterback Steve McNair, was found on July 4th. Believed to be a murder suicide.

Steve McNair was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds. His mistress 20 year-old Sahel Kazemi was also found dead at the Nashville, Tennessee condo.  McNair had several bullet wounds, and Kazemi was found with a single shot to the head.

McNair was 36
and played 13 seasons before retiring in April 2008.  He was married to Mechelle McNair and they had four sons.  A police spokesman said authorities were still investigating the shootings which they are calling a murder-suicide.

Apparently 20 year old Sahel Kazemi met "Steve McNair" at David & Buster's where she worked as a waitress, and he had been promising to leave his wife for her, but she had a 23 year old boyfriend named Keith who was not try'n to let her go.

"never let anyone or anything come in between you and the one you love because when you do you lose everything"

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