I only think of you, on two occasions. That's day and night. Yo, girl Ms. Fashionista herself, stays fitted. In the day she sported this snakeskin vest with snakeskin shoes, and at night she flipped the switch, and was the s%it.

She's so 3008 and ya'll so 2000 late.

Pretty in pink not give'n a f%ck what you think. Speaking on behalf of patients with life threatening blood diseases at DKM'S 3rd Annual Gala at Cipriani on 42nd Street, Rihanna held her head up high and showed a lil thigh.

Ya Gingl'n baby, go head baby. Eh, yo girl Rihanna got her fashion swag to match her bag.

From the back it's a lil wack, but all and all this outfit cracks.

Man these "Frankenstein" strap-up boots are off the hood, but she wearing em good. Rather be two steps ahead, then one step behind. Rihanna stays on her fashion grind.

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