“I Left Mashonda Because She Wanted Me To Choose Between My Marriage And My Oldest Son!?!”

"Swizz Beatz" try'n to shake the dirt off his name and make his baby mama look insane finally speaks about the reasons he cheated on his wife with "Alicia Keys". "Swizz" says he and "Mashonda" had been having trouble for 10 years and that "Alicia Keys" was not the problem. "Swizz" says "Mashonda" did all this cuz she thought she was gonna get a tv show. No matter how it goes cuz there is always two sides to every story, but you can't tell me ya'll been having problems for 10 years and she was try'n to make you choose between your oldest son for years and then when "Alicia Keys" flashed some butt and a smile that was not the reason you got gone. U gonna have to remix that song.

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