Number one, now I see why he keeps on them glasses. Imma be honest "T-Pain" at the "CMT Music Awards", (Country Music Channel) last night is bringing me embarrassment.  

He's just smiling and pose'n like a bi old coon. (for lack of a betta word)

When "Kid Rock", "Cheryl Crow", & "Trace Adams" all are dressed better than you, you should feel like a fool. (if the chain didn't do it)

He sported his "Big Ass Chain", like it was the thang. And a cheap @ss straw hat, all he needed was overall's and hay in his mouth.

Man, this clip is actually funny, it comes from "The CMT Music Awards" It's about "Taylor Swift" wanting to fullfill her dreams of being an actress in "Star Trek", football player, an award show host and a rapper, so "T-Pain" did his thang, and did vocals for her video, "Thug Story". Eh, she got flows in her extra small white t, you can call her "T-Sweezy". Hilarious!
6/17/2009 05:06:29 am

MAN, Taylor Swift got swag, and this was hella funny as a gag. Peep this. I've watched it like 5 times. "You don't want to fight me, in my extra small white t.


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