"T-Pain" is counting money, like it aint no thang. Un-fazed, but yet energized by "Jay-z's" D.O.A. track (Death Of Autotune), at first he was gonna take a nap, now he's spring'n right back. "T-Pain" told MTV News during a Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, that he's still rep'n autotune. He's releasing his next album "Uber" in Nov 2009, instead of Sept 2010. "T-Pain" says, "D.O.A. is the best song he's heard in a couple of years". "Watch me get back out there and do my thang." As for him jumping on the stage, the first time "Jay-Z" performed "D.O.A." at the Hot 97 concert, he said he wasn't sure if "Jay-Z" was diss'n him or not, but if he's gonna get diss'd, let the track be hot.

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