"T-Pain" is insane. On Monday "Taylor Swift" had tweeted on her Twitter that she was in the studio with "T-Pain". Now, I didn't pay it no mind, cuz I really didn't care.(honest) But now, heres a promo pic of the two of them rehearsing for a pre-recorded skit that they're doing together, Tuesday June 16th, on the CMT Awards. (Country Music Television) First "Snoop" last year, now "T-Pain" this year. The two of the most ghettoist dudes, gonna mess it up, for the rest of us. For once "T-Pain" don't look like a circus act, but "Taylor Swift" in that hat, looks like Kimmy Gibler, from full house. (not bueno)

6/11/2009 03:15:43 am

Man, this just looks bad, but it's gonna end up sad, them I'm gonna get mad.


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