Lett'n his chain swang, at the "Hot 97" Summer Jam concert, "T Pain" got vain. This is what happens when you're hood rich, you start doing dumb sh*t. Because he lives in a $6miilion house, got $4million in the bank and owns 32 cars, he thinks he's got far. With his "Big Ass Chain", weighing 10pounds, 197 karats, worth $410,000, "T Pain" says he's recession proof. Yeah, when he end up like "Hammer" filing bankruptcy, and doing a Cash For Gold commercial, try'n to sell that "Big Ass Chain", he wont be so vain.

6/11/2009 03:30:02 am

Man, this is about the dumbest crap I've seen this year, and when Jay Z kills autotune, and T-Pain and wanted no more, he'll see.


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