"Oprah" broadcasted live from NY’s Central Park and "Mariahand "Nick Carey" were her guest on the show.

Get a room, damn.

This is worst when "Michael Jackson" kissed his ex-ex wife "Lisa Marie Presley" at the award show.

Sorry, just threw up in my mouth.


Or course "Mariah" had her puss n boots to match with her usual black fit.

"Mariah's" look'n a lil thick, but I think she looks better that way. She's try'n to stand to they side, cuz if not she'll be "Oprah" wide. 

Either "Oprah's" losing weight or "Mariah's" gaining it, cuz she got "Oprah" beat in the waist but in them hips, they both got a dip.

Love "Oprah's" dress, though.

"Mariah Carey" performs her remake of "I Want To Know What Love Is" whic is he 2nd single off of "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel". Don't know if this was the right song for her to sing or if it was just because she was outside and didn't have any acoustical sound but she was cracking on a gang of notes, but I've always loved this song,and she almost messed it up for me. I'll wait to hear what it sounds like on her cd, before I hate it.
9/19/2009 02:40:06 am

Nick Cary's lips look really weird when he kisses her. He looks like a corny kid and it bothers me for some reason. Oh well, I guess I just won't look, but gross!


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