"The Dream

"Real" Ft. "Pharrell"
"Ghetto" Ft Big Sean"
"Used To Be"

Off "1977" Mix Tape

Man, I could of sworn that "The Dream"  said he was retiring. I figured he'd keep writing and producing, but in the words of "Marvin Gay", think he betta let it go, let it go........ "Real", just didn't feel to real to me. I mean, I don't know why everyone wants to be hard and act like they got killers on the team and are doing big thangs. I mean, that's obvious, but "The Dream" is a lover not a fighter, so be who you are. "Ghetto" is more like where he needs to be, but I don't know if I'm dig'n that either, but "Used To Be" is da one, son! Loved it, it's real talk off da block, he's keep'n it real, and do'n how he do.

"The Dream's" album "Diary Of A Madman" put on hold, as I was told.

01. Wake Me When It’s Over
02. Used to Be
03. Long Gone
04. Ghetto (Feat. Big Sean)
05. Wedding Crasher
06. Rolex (Feat. Casha)
07. Silly (Introducing Casha)
08. 1977 (Miss You Still)
09. Wish You Were Mine
10. Real

11. Form of Flattery

"The Dream" Ft. "Pharrell"

"The Dream" "Ft Big Sean"

"The Dream" 
"Used To Be

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