"TI" Getting Out Of Prison Early?
"TI's" Lawyer Released A Statement

“We are hopeful that T.I. will be placed in a halfway house within the next month or so, which would be about two or three months before his projected release date. We are hopeful for that, we do not have any control over it. The Bureau of Prisons makes that decision entirely on its own, they don’t share that decision with the public and they don’t share that decision with the defense lawyers, but we are hopeful because we know that T.I. has handled himself accordingly and conducted himself correctly while he has been incarcerated, we are hopeful that the Bureau of Prisons will give him two or three months of halfway house.”

Probably high profiled "good mannered" prisoners who have had no problems and have served their time in the manner the judge sentenced are eligible for early release. Instead of prison they are  placed in a halfway house for 1-6 months before their release date. "T.I.’s" release date was supposed to be March 2010, but his lawyer is hopeful that  "TI" could be in a halfway house by January.

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