Even In A Halfway House
Still Can Have Whateva He Likes

To be expected just like it will when "Gucci Mane" & 'Lil Wayne" get out of prison "T.I." is said to be dropping a new album. "T.I." who was recently released to a halfway house plans to have his new album release sometime in 2010

It is said that "The King" will be recording in a halfway house, which got to be a first, he will be working with "Jim Jonsin" the "Whatever You Like" producer who says, “He was so upbeat, his spirits were up, and he’s excited to be out and working. He hasn’t changed, he sounded exactly like he did when I talked to him months before he went in, and that he is definitely working on an album for this year right now.” He also explained that he’s leaving all the direction to "T.I."

I'm sure his time in prison has given him a whole new perspective and some fresh ideas to rap about.

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