T.I. Has Served  1000 Hours Of Community Service 
& Still Has 500 Hours To Serve Before He Leaves His Group Home INA Few Months

"T.I." is continuing to record tracks for his new album "King Muzik" in a private studio. "T.I.’s" manager Jason Geter said "T.I.’s" album should be out l out late this summer.

“We did a deal with the film studio Screen Gems for the movie ‘Takers’ with T.I. Both the album and the film are coming out at the end of the summer,” Geter said. “So, yeah, we have a release date.”

“Takers,” a film about a bank heist interrupted by a detective, stars Zoe Saldana, T.I., Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen and hits theaters August 20.

“As for producers, we’ve been working with DJ Toomp and Lil Cee, who’s one of our in-house Grand Hustle producers,” Geter told MTV News. “We worked with Danja, the Runners, and we tried out some stuff with these new guys called the TrackSlayers. We’re actually working with a lot of new guys. At this point, you don’t really chase names. It’s about the quality of the material. As for features, we did a track with The-Dream, and TreySongz is on another hook.”

The-Dream told MTV News that his collaboration with T.I. “sounds great. He’s sounding beautiful. His spirit is really good. He’s got the eye of the tiger.”

Regarding the direction of the album, Geter said the Atlanta MC is still figuring that out. “There’s no theme as of yet,” Geter said. “The sound is definitely not a bunch of samples.”

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