Try'n 2 Make Money, 2 Save The House, Honey

On the verge of being foreclosed on her home due to having to cancel her Vegas concerts due to health conditions "Toni Braxton" got on her hustle to get her album done."Toni  Braxton" had a listening party for her new album "Pulse" at NY’s Crosby Hotel in Soho. "Pulse" which is her 6th studio album is set to release Feb 8, 2010. 

"The Underdogs", "Darkchild", "Trey Songz" and "Keri Hilson" are expected to be on the album.

01. Heart Never Had A Hero
02. Get Loose
03. Melt (Like An Iceberg)
04. Places
05. Shake and Move
06. Happily Unhappy
07. I Like It Like That
08. Hit The Freeway (HQ2 Radio Mix)
09. Maybe (HQ2 Radio Mix)
10. Spanish Guitar (HQ2 Radio Mix)
11. Please (Rock Da Club Remix)
12. Un-Break My Heart 

"Heart Never Had A Hero"

"Melt" (Like An Iceberg)

"Happily Unhappy"

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