1. Panty Droppa-Intro 
2. Neighbors Know My Name 
3. I Invented Sex (feat. Drake) 
4. I Need A Girl 
5. One Love 
6. Does He Do It 
7. Say Aah 
8. LOL:-) (Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy) 
9. Ready To Make Luv 
10.Jupiter Love 
11.Be Where You Are 
12.Successful (feat. Drake) 
13.Black Roses 
14.Love Lost 
16.Holla If You Need Me 
17.Yo Side Of The Bed

I had to get past the intro of "Lol :)" by "Trey Songz" featuring "Gucci Mane" & "Soulja Boy Tell Em". It sounds like a nursery rhyme, and I'm not really sure where I'm at with song, but I do know that I don't want to walk around singing "lol smiley face-lol smiley face" up in this place!

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