"Trey Songz"
Lil Nasty Self Makes Your Screen Sizzle With
"Neighbor's Know My Name" (Video)

I remember once I had new neighbors above me and their bedroom was above mine and I swear for like 2 months I couldn't even go to sleep cuz they was up there doing the damn thang. Bed squeek'n, she scream'n, and I was not sleep'n. So much that I could not wait to meet this dude, cuz he was put'n it down. So, when I met him needless to say he was nothing I wanted to meet, she must of been fake'n, but before he could introduced himself I told this fool "Darnell" it's nice to finally meet you, I hear your name every night. After that they soon broke up and guess who was try'n to holla at me. (NO, I DON'T THINK SO BRO).

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