You Are All That I Need,And I'll Never Let Go
Tell Em, You Are All That I Need
And 'll Never Let Go
So Many People Never Find The One
 That's Why I Really Want To Tell U Some'n
Baby This Is It For Me, Really Think Ur The 1 I Need

"One Love" is off of "Trey Songz" album "Ready" and (like McDonald's) I'm loving it. "One Love" is hella sweet and I wish I had someone to sing it to but I don't, so I wont, but if I did "One Love" is what I'd be singing. (Mind Ur Biznass) Anyhoo Boo. I really like the video ALOT, cuz he's sexy naked singing nasty, but when ur sexy with ur clothes on singing about love that's when u know it's not all about nub.

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