Sorry Timmy, Looks Like U Aint Gett'n Any

"Trey Songz" who is now every women's nasty little fantasy after seeing his "Invented Sex" video, but one lucky lady get's all "Trey" all day and that's reality star reject “Just Right” who recently got kicked off “For the Love of Ray J".

Guess her and Trey had been doing they thang before she got on the show and Ray J voted her off because he knew he could not win her over enough to cut Trey off completely. Ray also made sure that VH-1 cut out all mention and footage of Trey Songz, in the episode where Just Right gets cut, and that is why the show made her appear boring to give Ray J another reason to cut her off. Just Right and Trey were spotted shortly after at a club.

Guess She's The Spotlight Chick 4real

They may or may not be a couple… but they are at minimum “good friends”.

"Pleasure P" and "Eddie Murphy's" daughter Bria have been hanging out kinda tough for a few weeks but it has not been officially confirmed by either one until Monday.

A guest on Chicago’s WGCI radio, "Pleasure P" (with Bria in the studio) admitted that she’s a very good friend when radio personality Loni Swain reportedly asked about their status.

While not confirming whether they are truly dating, "Pleasure P" went on to confirm that he had met "Eddie Murphy" and received his blessing.

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