Lil Kim, One Of The Original, Nasty Girls Of Rap, 
Just Gave "Nicki Minaj" A B*tch Slap
Barbie Means:
Bum Ass Replica B*tch Immitating Everyone's Swag


"Lil Kim" reportedly changed her FaceBook pic 
to this collage for a trial 
cuz she's tired a Nicki Minaj jack'n her style.

5/11/2010 08:36:09 am

uhmmm yeaaa i highly doubt that nicki minaj wants to be anything like lil kim. but i will say that since lil kim has fallin off the map and nicki minaj has bein the best thin thats ever happen to female hip hop !

6/6/2010 02:26:01 am

can someone say catfight


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