Whoa, I thought I had a shoe habit but "Usher" got me beat. He just recently admitted that he has over 10,000 pairs of shoes. "Usher" admits that he knows it’s bad but he can’t stop buying new shoes. Hey I feel him. Give me a pay check and some shoes on sale and I'm like a crack head with a welfare check in a crack house. "I'll do it yeah, you now I'll do it yeah, cuz I'm a cr cr cr cr cr crack head". (New Jack City) As long as you can support your habit, gone ahead and have it.

Usher:“I even ask myself, ‘Are you serious?’ It’s ridiculous. I go from Timberlands and Hi-Tec to Balenciaga and Lanvin. I have someone going to pick up the new red [Nike] Jordans for me right now.”

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