They Trying To F*ck My Money Up 
The Hood Aint Gone Be With That
I Told Him I'm The Greatest
Bout To Bring The Shit Back
They Talk'n Like The Streets Dead
Tell Em I'm Gone Fix That
Beg'n For Me To Switch Up 
F*ck Em I Aint With That

"Waka Flocka Flalme" collabs with two of the heavy hitters in rap right now "Lil Wayne" & "Rick Ross", and "Trae" was just lucky to get flossed on the "O Let's Do It" remix.

"Wayne" come "swagga stupid"  before he reports to prison in February.

"O Let's Do It" (Remix) "Waka Flocka Flame 
Features "Lil Wayne, "Rick "Ross & "Trae"

"O Let's Do It" (Video) Original Version

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