"Wiz Khalifa" Drops

"Wiz Khalifa" & "2 Chainz" - "It's Nothin" [Official Video] 
"Wiz Khalifa" Ft (The Bay's) "iamsu!" & "Problem" -  "Bout Me
"Wiz Khalifa" - "STU" (So Turned Up) (Video) 
"Wiz" Talks About His "2050 Tour Ottawa
"Wiz Khalifa" Ft. "Juicy J" - "MIA"

"Wiz Khalifa" & "2 Chainz"
 "It's Nothin

[Official Video] 

"Wiz Khalifa" Ft (The Bay's) "iamsu!" & "Problem
"Bout Me

"Wiz Khalifa
"STU" (So Turned Up
(Official Video) 

Talks About His "2050 Tour Ottawa"  

Quick recap of the 2050 for each day we're not too trippy to post something. let us know how you like it and which city you come to.

"Wiz Khalifa" Ft. "Juicy J"

Off "Cabin Fever 2

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