To promote his new album "Crunk Rock", "Lil John" has come out with 3 mix cd's after 5 years of lay'n low. "Rock Box Volume:1" is a mega mix of rock classics. "Rock Box Volume:2" is a new wave cd. "Rock Box Volume:3" is hip hop, down south, old skool rap.

"Lil John" is coming out of silence and ask'n questions and claiming "Crunk". With his new album "Crunk Rock", "Lil John" drops his first single "I Do" ft. "Swizz Beats", "Amp" and "Yung Cutta".
"I Do" (remix) ft "Snoop Dogg" who comes in at 1:40. It's cool, but I think "Crunk" might be dead unless he got something else better to drop, instead.

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