"I Support Single Mothers"
This Is For Your Daughter Shawty,
This For Your Son
I Support Them Single Mothers 
I'm Throw'n 1's

Uh, WOOOOOOOOW! Are you for real? I'm sure if you're a stripper (not knock'n ur hustle) I'm sure even you aint flip'n cartwheels with a man calling himself supporting you and your kids by giving you 1's in your g-string. So for those of us who don't, you make'n a song talk'n about you support single mothers giving 1's for their daughters and their sons is not the one!  You got me F*CKED UP! Man, honestly dude you come at me with some 1's, I'm liable to be hella rude. "Young Cash" & "T-Pain" tried to do they they thang with "I Support Single Mothers" but came off sound like 2 broke @ss brothas.

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