Let Us Begin With A Bad Little Specimen. 
Valenci, Cuz Only Thangs I Be Step'n In
Pucci Bathing Suits, The Only Thing I'm Dress'n In
Cuz I Get Wetter Than A Navy Seals Veteran
Got Em Writing Love Letters In They Journals
Keep Em On Their Toes 
Like I Measured At The Urinals 
Bad As I Want To Be, 
She Aint Bad She A Sad Little Wanna Be

Off the highly anticipated "We Are Young Money" album dropping December 21, Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda,Lil Wayne, Drake ft Birdman drop "F*ck Da Bullsh*t", which to me starts off like some bullsh*t and turns into some cool sh*t.

"Fuck The BullSh*t"

"Ms Parker"


"Pass Me The Dutch"

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