I'mma Show These Girl How To Pick Em 
Get Em Then U Trick Em. Then Brrr Ugh Stick Em
See I'm The Mistress, He The President
His Name Lil Wayne, But That's Irrelevant
Yo, Mills
Imma Grab That Little Nigga By The Dreadlocks 
Kick In The Door Break The Chains And The Deadlock

With the first "Young Money" album being released "We Are Young Money" is getting a lot of talk. Not sure if anyone one but "Drake", "Nicki Minaj" & "Tyga" could make it without "Wayne", but we'll see. "Where's Wayne" is cool I love the beat and I like that "Wayne" just let em go off da leash.

12/10/2009 06:02:45 am

lil waynes da shit.


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