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Okay, so I've had natural hair now for some years now and lately I've been refusing to even blow dry it(I love the state of my natural hair) and I've noticed that lately there has been lots of talks on whether black women should accept their naps or should they straighten them? Is there good or bad hair?  I definitely don't believe in good and bad hair. I believe in different hair. My opinion is that you should do whatever makes you feel good on the inside.  If you're relaxed and happy then so be it.  If you're nappy and happy, well then hey!  I think there is too much focus on what people should and shouldn't do when it comes to appearance. I'm no better than anyone because my hair is natural and vice versa.  It's all about preference and what you want and like for yourself.  My only advice to anyone would be to never do what someone else does for the sake of doing what someone else is doing.


Happy Birthday to my niece "Jaidel", turing "14" today. 

One day she's gonna be singing on stage, she's got a voice like her mama,
and will be bigger than "

Happy Birthday Day Shady,
Auntie loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 more years and you get a car,
 that's what ur mom (Vee-Gee) said.


Today MJ died and I never thought it would be possible to be so distraught over a person I never knew personally.  Maybe I never met Mike in person, but I did know him.  I grew up with Michael's music. Michael was music, and because of that he is part of me and all the fans that appreciated his art.  I can relate all of his songs to a period of my life.  I'm so saddened because I feel like this man gave his whole life up for the love of music and for all of us and in return, he was ridculed and normal life for him was made impossible.  Despite all of the negativity that swirled around him, he still provided us with years of unparalled perfomances and songs.  Michael is deeply loved by me and will be missed.

R.I.P. to the King...


I've been referred to as chameleon because I look so diff in every pic I take!  What do you think?  They may be right! 


How I Do, What I Do, When I Do, What I Do

What's Up! Welcome to my spot where I keeps it "HOT", and fresha than a "ZIPLOCK".  If I was a DJ I'd be "DEF", but since I'm not, I'm off 2da left. I talk crazy, but I keeps it real. No matta what, will tell the truth, on how I feel.  

So, be nosey and catch the deal, cuz the only way I dish it, is with the "REAL SPILL"!


My Shoe Habbit, I GOTTA Have It!
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This is really personal for me.  I thought I'd share it with you though. Everybody kept asking me if I was weed head after listenin' to this!  LOL!  Naw, I ain't no weed head, I just believe that the healing power of marijuana is overlooked, over-criticized and under-used! Your government has you fooled...  Shouts out to my band, "Retrograde Revolution", Love you guys!


"My Team Playa's"


Start'n Line Up



Chad Ocho Cinco
Cincinnati Bengals


Michale Jordan
Chicago Bulls


TK Fly Society
"Terry Kennedy
Pro Skater


Kevin Garnett
Boston Celtics

2nd String


Idris Elba



Winky Wright



Mac Mall

Bay Area Rappa


Keshawn Johnson

Football Playa

1st Round Draft Pick

         Paul Williams                          TI
Boxer                      Southern Rappa
6ft.1                              5ft.6 

"My New Meat Of The Week"

We all know that Winky-Dinky-Dog (Winky Wright) is my dude, but now my new boo is Paul Williams. (37-1, 27KOs) standing at 6ft.1 gave my ex-boyfriend the biz-nass on 4/10/09. He's fine though, and he could beat my punching-bag up any day. He said, that boxers  were scared to fight him, so he went up in his weight class and the only dude that would fight him was my ex, Winky Wright, and he crushed him. It was a great fight and now if they was scared of him before, they really going to be skurred now. Especially since he got me on his team. I aint tripp'n off his two kids or his baby mama neither, ya'll know I'm a ride or die chick.